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Beech-Nut Completes Redesign Wtih Spee-Dee Rotary Filler

Powder Fillers From Spee-Dee: Profit Maximizing Output

How do you accurately fill 60,000 cans of Bar Keepers Friend every day? With a fast and precise Spee-Dee powder filler! See how Spee-Dee is helping Bar Keepers Friend fill cans of its popular cleaner. It’s good to have a friend in the filling business!

When you need reliable, trouble-free fillers to fit your packaging needs, Spee-Dee is here to give you what you need! With over 60 years experience in the packaging industry, we’re here to provide you with quality, reliable auger fillers and powder fillers that can reduce costly product giveaway, increase fill accuracy and boost productivity.

powder fillers by Spee Dee

Globally Recognized Automatic Filling Systems and Solutions

Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery is consistently recognized by globally respected corporations, including Abbott Laboratories, Dow Chemical, General Mills, Kraft, McCormick & Company and Pfizer (among others), as the number one provider of technologically superior powder fillers and more.
These industry leaders trust the Spee-Dee team to meet their most challenging bottom line improvement objectives through our resourceful development of equipment that dramatically reduces costly product giveaway, improves line rates and substantially increases fill accuracy.

Unprecedented Durability, Longevity And Trouble-Free Operation
Spee-Dee powder fillers and cup fillers can remain in profitable daily operation for nearly 60 years with little more than minimal preventive maintenance.

Superior Service
Our dedicated and knowledgeable technical staff provides rapid 24/7 telephone troubleshooting support as well as on-site assistance, when required, to ensure you achieve maximum system uptime.

Participate In Our FREE, No-Obligation Cost Savings Analysis
Allow Spee-Dee to demonstrate our ability to provide you with superior equipment solutions that will maximize the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your operations now and in the future! This innovative process will spotlight the ideal system solution to eliminate unnecessary waste in your packaging operations. Documentation is then provided that will showcase the amount of savings your company will experience upon system installation.

 revolution auger powder filler

Powder Filling Machines and More

No matter what your dry filling needs are, Spee-Dee can help you find the best solution to fit your needs. You want powder filler that can boost your productivity, decrease product giveaway, and increase your filling accuracy – let us show you how we can save you money over our competitors. See our line of powder fillers that's right for your business.

Reliable Filling Systems, Superior Service

Our filling systems can handle and fill various types of packaging: bag, bottle, drum, etc. We provide durable machinery that, in some cases, has lasted nearly 60 years with minimal preventative maintenance, not to mention superior technical service that will have your new automated filling systems up and running in no time!

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"This system is a 100% improvement to the existing bag clamp system."

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