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Corporate Overview

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Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery, Inc. is an industry leading supplier of dry product filling system solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Many of America’s most highly respected corporations, including General Mills, Kraft General Foods, McCormick & Company, Keebler, Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories and Dow Chemical, are now realizing increased profitability, productivity, and an immediate return on investment upon installation of our machinery. Just how much will your company save? Contact us today to receive your FREE Cost Savings Analysis.

Why Spee-Dee®?

Extensive Experience

• Spee-Dee is the leading company in the development of servo drive filling systems.

• Spee-Dee has more than 20 years experience in applying direct drive auger filling equipment.

• Spee-Dee has installed more than 1400 direct drive augers and 6200 volumetric cup fillers.

• Spee-Dee has in-house engineering expertise in servo systems and related programming.

• Each member of our talented, non-union workforce averages more than 10 years of employment with our company.

Comprehensive Product Offerings

Spee-Dee packaging machinery
• Spee-Dee has been supplying volumetric cup fillers since the late 1940s. Companies utilizing Spee-Dee cup fillers in their operations include General Mills, McCormick, Quaker, Conagra, Nestle, Smuckers and many more.

• Spee-Dee supplies both servo drive auger and cup fillers.

• Spee-Dee provides cost-effective conversion kits for upgrading obsolete clutch/brake augers to servo drives in the field – at half the cost of purchasing a new machine.

Design Ingenuity

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• Spee-Dee is committed to direct drive auger design.

• Spee-Dee creatively adapts its extensive research and development efforts to best fulfill the requirements of the diverse clients we serve by providing customized, cost-effective solutions.

• Spee-Dee offers technologically advanced PLC controls customized to meet specific requirements.

• Spee-Dee has developed a working relationship with Allen-Bradley that enables us to meet specific customer requirements.

Commitment to Quality

• All Spee-Dee machines undergo a detailed check-out prior to shipment. The service manager is responsible for a step-by-step machine review.

• Spee-Dee machines are tested using customer provided material, tooling and containers.

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