Spee-Dee: App determines fill rates, tooling requirements for auger fillers

The new RevCalc App from Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery helps auger filler operators streamline the process of calculating fill rates and tooling sizes for their applications: simply input the product density and target weight of the product being filled, and the RevCalc App will recommend the proper tooling size for that specific application.

Line operators will find the RevCalc App particularly handy in determining fill rates and tooling requirements when applications call for filling new or different products.

The RevCalc App replaces old-fashioned tables to calculate tooling requirements, an outdated, time-consuming method that was prone to errors. The RevCalc App allows operators to calculate tooling requirements immediately and with increased accuracy. Additionally, the App allows users to fine tune the recommendation by making adjustments to various inputs including auger size, RMP and acceleration.

The RevCalc App is available now to download for iPhone users via iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/revcalc/id934672454?mt=8); it will be available in the coming weeks on the Google App Store.


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