Spee-Dee Appoints David Navin President and CEO

David Navin has been appointed president and CEO of Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery Inc. Navin will continue overseeing new business and product development for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Navin began his career at Spee-Dee in 1987, and left 10 years later to create a new company. He returned to Spee-Dee eight years ago to lead its business development efforts within its three core industries. Navin said he’s excited to work with Spee-Dee to continue growing the company domestically, and further cultivate partnerships with new and existing OEMs to expand the company’s presence internationally.

“The important things we have going here at Spee-Dee is a great culture of people who are customer centric, focused on what needs to get done every day, as well as taking steps to continue ensuring our customers’ needs are cared for in the future,” said Navin. “We need to work together with our customers to go where they want to go, not create products and expect them to follow us. Listening to our customers and working with them is the reason why we’re the industry leader in dry powder filling equipment.”


Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery, Inc. is an industry leading supplier of powder fillers, auger fillers and dry product filling system solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Since the 1940s, companies from around the world have turned to Spee-Dee for greatly improved efficiency and productivity. For more information about our dry product auger fillers, visit Spee-Dee’s web site at www.spee-dee.com or call 877-375-2121.