Spee-Dee® Boosts Packaging Efficiency With Twin Belt Drive Digitronic® Auger Filler System

Spee-Dee® Boosts Packaging Efficiency With Twin Belt Drive Digitronic® Auger Filler System

Sturtevant, Wis. — James P. Navin, President of Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery, Inc., recently introduced the 3500 Series Twin Belt Drive Digitronic® Auger Filler System with Allen-Bradley controls. The belt driven twin auger configuration has a profile 10″ lower than standard direct drive units, making it the ultimate system for installations with height restrictions. The initial unit in the Twin series features an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC and a PanelView 600 color touch screen, both readily available commercially, and supported throughout the world.

There are multiple applications for this twin system, according to Timm Johnson, Spee-Dee Vice President, Sales/Marketing. “Our extensive research uncovered a need among our customers for equipment to address certain challenges they face,” he explained. “The increased torque possible with a belted system improves efficiency in filling heavy products, or in large fill situations. The design is also productive for dry ingredient packagers who dispense into rigid containers such as jars and bottles, generally in production lines running two up.”

Johnson stated, “Packagers who fill with continuous motion machines are also requesting this twin belted arrangement because of its accuracy in high speed pouching lines. They are packaging small fills of yeast, soup bases, cocoa, gelatin, spices and consumer items such as food service coffee.”

The heavy duty Spee-Dee® Twin Auger System features 304 stainless steel construction and a quick disconnect hopper to facilitate cleaning and streamline product changeover. It is mounted on an adjustable height stand with an easily accessible crank to accommodate differing sizes of bottles and other containers. “Minimizing product drop increases speed and efficiency,” noted Johnson. The unit is also equipped with casters for optimum mobility within the production area.

In closing, Johnson remarked, “For some of our customers, it is difficult to decide which of the benefits of Spee-Dee’s advanced servo technology contributes most to their profitability. They all experience consistent repeatability and heightened efficiency, a dramatic decrease in costs due to reduced product giveaway, and a drop in maintenance expenses associated with their clutch/brake systems.”

The Twin Belt Drive Digitronic® Auger Filler System is expandable and will accept up to 10 lanes with one controller and one electrical cabinet. The equipment may be part of a new installation, or may be retrofit on an existing filling line. Other models of PLC and touch screen are available to meet individual production line specifications. Each product in the Spee-Dee Packaging 3500 Series of Digitronic Auger Fillers boasts all electronic components that are commercially available worldwide to facilitate easy maintenance.

Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery, Inc. is a premier quality manufacturer of equipment to measure and fill dry products in consumer size containers (bags, bottles, pouches, cans and cartons). Spee-Dee Packaging is the only company to supply both auger and volumetric fillers, and the only company that supplies servo drives for auger and cup fillers. Spee-Dee Packaging serves a global base of clients in diverse market segments, including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Now in its third decade, the company boasts a star-studded client roster of industry giants and Fortune 500 companies. A history of innovative electrical and mechanical design and programming, coupled with advanced technology and unparalleled customer service, support Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery’s position as an industry leader.

For more information, please contact Timm Johnson, Vice President, Sales/Marketing, Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc., 1360 Grandview Parkway, Sturtevant, WI 53177, toll free 877-375-2121, 262-886-4402 or fax 262-886-5502. Send e-mail to info@spee-dee.com, and visit Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery’s Web site at www.spee-dee.com.