Spee-Dee® Expands Offerings of Allen-Bradley Controllers

Spee-Dee® Expands Offerings of Allen-Bradley Controllers

Sturtevant, Wis. — James P. Navin, President of Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery, Inc., recently announced that the company has increased its mix of available Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to include MicroLogix and ControlLogix platforms in addition to the SLC Series previously in use. Operator interfaces for these control systems are typically chosen from the Allen-Bradley PanelView line.

Timm Johnson, Spee-Dee Vice President, Sales/Marketing, explained that inclusion of an Allen-Bradley PLC allows a dry fill packaging system to be created specifically for the unique application of the individual customer. “At the same time, this ensures that the new filling and packaging equipment will network with existing Allen-Bradley controlled units throughout a facility. Our customers specify Allen-Bradley controls in order to maintain consistency in their plants,” he continued.

“Selecting from among three separate levels of Allen-Bradley PLCs enhances our ability to customize a Spee-Dee measuring and filling configuration, by coupling, for example, a Spee-Dee® Servo Digitronic® Auger Filler and a bagger with one PLC, and one touch screen,” Johnson affirmed. “Each of the platforms will interface with most in-plant communication networks. In addition, Allen-Bradley replacement parts are commercially available worldwide to facilitate quick maintenance.” In keeping with the international nature of Spee-Dee’s distribution, Allen-Bradley software and documentation for the PLCs are available in multiple languages.

Ron Fojtik, Chief Electrical Engineer for Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery, summarized the benefits of the three Allen-Bradley PLC platforms. “The MicroLogix line of micro PLCs includes multiple models with advanced networking capabilities in a small footprint, ideal for limited production space. It provides high speed and flexible control,” he explained. “The SLC 500 family of controllers opens the way to single point control, integrating into a single touch screen operator interface the operation of multiple pieces of equipment and all their functions.” Fojtik continued, “The SLC controller is versatile and flexible. As a multiple rack modular controller it is expandable, and may control up to 20 motors. The newest of the Allen-Bradley control platforms, the ControlLogix PLC offers single point control,” Fojtik noted. “It is compact and fully modular for expandability and flexibility, with a wide range of control and data sharing options. It is also faster and boasts more memory than its counterparts. Its high performance is ideal for the most demanding control applications.”

Johnson stressed, “The strength of the Spee-Dee design team is the ability to work closely with our customers’ engineers to develop custom designed equipment to suit specific dry fill applications. Offering Allen-Bradley PLCs is just one of the design options we employ to enable our customers to maximize the productivity and efficiency of their dry fill packaging production lines.”

Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery, Inc. is a premier quality manufacturer of equipment to measure and fill dry products in consumer size containers (bags, bottles, pouches, cans and cartons). Spee-Dee is the only company to supply both auger and volumetric fillers, and the only company that supplies servo drives for auger and cup fillers. Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery serves a global base of clients in diverse market segments, including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Now in its third decade, the company boasts a star-studded client roster of industry giants and Fortune 500 companies. A history of innovative electrical and mechanical design and programming, coupled with advanced technology and unparalleled customer service, support Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery’s position as an industry leader.

For more information, please contact Timm Johnson, Vice President, Sales/Marketing, Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc., 1360 Grandview Parkway, Sturtevant, WI 53177, toll free 877-375-2121, 262-886-4402 or fax 262-886-5502. Send e-mail to info@spee-dee.com, and visit Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery’s Web site at www.spee-dee.com.