Sturtevant, Wis. — James P. Navin, President of Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery, Inc., announced the unveiling of an innovative combination filling system, which unites a Spee-Dee Servo 3600 Auger Filler with two Volumetric Cup Fillers.  “Our latest offering reflects Spee-Dee’s impressive track record of pioneering unique equipment architecture to meet specific production challenges,” Navin stated.

According to Timm Johnson, Vice President Sales/Marketing, the company’s new three filler equipment configuration integrates two particulates and a powder within a single pouch at rates of up to 120 units per minute.  “By merging these equipment technologies, we are able to offer a more effective filling method that improves product quality through better blending of ingredients,” Johnson explained.  A continuous motion Vertical/Form/Fill/Seal unit is utilized in place of a traditional Horizontal/Form/Fill/Seal system to improve cycle times and minimize the amount of production space required for the manufacturing process.

The Spee-Dee three filler combination system addresses a broad range of product applications, including soup and baking mixes, pasta and other side dishes, cereal products and a variety of additional consumer convenience products. Spee-Dee® has previously successfully combined an Auger Filler with a Volumetric Filler and also teamed a pair of Auger Fillers to more efficiently combine two products within one container. 

Spee-Dee® Packaging Machinery, Inc. is a premier quality manufacturer of equipment to measure and fill dry products into consumer size containers (bags, bottles, pouches, cans and cartons).  Spee-Dee was a pioneer in the development and manufacture of both servo auger and servo volumetric cup fillers.  Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery serves a global base of clients in diverse market segments, including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.  Now in its fourth decade, the company boasts a star-studded client roster of industry giants and Fortune 500 companies.  A history of innovative electrical and mechanical design and programming, coupled with advanced technology and unparalleled customer service, support Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery’s position as an industry leader.  For more information, please contact Timm Johnson, Vice President, Sales/Marketing, Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc., 1360 Grandview Parkway, Sturtevant, WI  53177 USA, toll free 877-375-2121 (US only),

262-886-4402 or fax 262-886-5502.  Send e-mail to info@spee-dee.com, and view Spee-Dee’s family of equipment solutions at www.spee-dee.com.