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Spee-Dee Customer Testimonial: Chauvin Coffee

First Class Quality and On-time Delivery

Listen, SET, Go! is Spee-Dee’s customer-centric manufacturing strategy. LISTEN creates a dialogue to identify your needs and challenges. SET triggers multiple flows of production through our Sustain, Enhance and Transform manufacturing cells. GO guarantees your machine gets individualized attention for first-class quality and on-time delivery.


High Speed Rotary Filler

Our reengineered rotary filler improves accessibility at all points of the machine. We opened access to the base, drive system and change parts to make cleaning, maintenance and changeovers faster and easier than any other rotary filler on the market.


Spee-Dee Testing Lab

Pre-installation testing from Spee-Dee delivers accurate data to prove your new machine will meet your filling specifications. Testing strips down and removes all the guesswork and ensures your filler will perform as expected.

Bar Keeper's Friend

How the Spee-Dee Rotary helps Servaas Labs fill their product, Bar Keeper's Friend. Ryan Miller, V.P. of Engineering at Servaas Laboratories discusses the importance of building strong relationships between customers and suppliers, and the ways Spee-Dee goes above and beyond.


Dual Sanitary Auger Conveyor System

Introducing the Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc. Dual Sanitary Auger Conveyor system. This is a custom-built filling system designed to fill rigid containers at speeds from 30-60 CPM. This system features a high hygiene design that can be used for applications such as dairy powders, whey proteins, pharmaceutical powders, nutraceutical powders, infant foods and more. This system also features an interchangeable inspection cover and product inlet, multiple docking stations, a clean cable manangement system, a mechanical assist height adjustment auger stand, and safety interlocks.


Spee-Dee Rotary Full Overview

Our all-servo Rotary Filler features quick-changeover, no-container no-fill, high sanitary design, and stainless steel construction.


High Speed Cup Filler for Applications up to 150 BPM

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery’s high speed servo cup filler can fill at rates up to 150 BPM. Perfect for particulate products like rice, beans, pet foods, cereals, candies, nuts, seeds, and much more!


Spee-Dee Split Hopper

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery is proud to be the first U.S. company to unveil an innovative split hopper system that allows immediate access to auger tooling for fast and simple product changeover, cleanup and maintenance. The end result is a significant decrease in both labor costs and equipment downtime.

The NEW Spee-Dee Split Hopper System:
-Boasts an extremely durable and easy to maintain superior 304 stainless steel construction versus the cast aluminum sported by competing European units.
-Features Spee-Dee’s patented sliding key tooling adapter, which promotes swift and simple installation and removal of tooling without tools.
-Includes a safety interlock switch that prevents the machine from operating when the hopper is open.
-Accepts all standard tooling.
-22″ in diameter and 20″ in height.
-Features a spacious16 gallon hopper.


A3602 Auger Filler System with Dual Timing Screw

The Dual Lane auger line with timing screws is capable of filling rigid containers with powders at rates of 100-120 per minute.


A3600 with 4-Way Dividing Funnel

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery developed a custom 4-way divider and conveyor control system to simultaneously fill 4 rigid containers with popcorn kernels. this system is designed to fill 100 bottles per minute with a single auger and overcomes the primary challenge of high-rate filling through a small opening.


Advanced Volumetric Filler Changeover (Training Video)

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery’s Mark Navin and Nathan Mulder demonstrate the simple change over process for the Advanced Volumetric System. A full changeover can be completed in under 7 minutes! The Advanced Volumetric System, or AVS, is an inteligent volumetric system that fills by weight and volume.


Rotary Quick Change Parts

New Rotary Filling System from Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery Inc. features quick changeover parts to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Chhange from one container to another quickly and efficiently, improving productivity and your bottom line!


Introducing the New Spee-Dee Rotary

Spee-Dee’s new line of rotary fillers (http://www.spee-dee.com/rotary-fillers) is the first real improvement to rotary filler technology in years. Our servo drive rotary filler is designed to accurately fill rigid containers quickly and precisely.


Pack Expo Video Tour: Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc. 2012

Spee-Dee had an excellent show at Pack Expo 2012 in Chicago. We were proud to show off several of our machines, including our brand new Rotary Filler and Sanitary Auger, as well as our Split Hopper and CB6S high speed cup filler. Spee-Dee was honored to have our fillers displayed at the booths of Bosch Packaging Technology, HayssenSandiacre, Matrix Packaging Machinery, and Triangle Package Machinery.


Pack Expo Video Tour: The NEW Spee-Dee Sanitary Auger

Timm Johnson of Spee-Dee packaging machinery, Inc. shows off the brand new Sanitary Auger design. The Sanitary Auger is designed to meet the requirements of USDA, 3A, and WDA high hygiene standards. In order to accomplish this, the Sanitary Auger features a domed hopper cover, sloped drive shroud, lipped inspection port, safety interlocks, a high polish hopper contact surface, and tri-clover sanitary clamps on the agitator assembly and the auger funnel. The design moves all adjustment locations out of the hopper area, which removes all bolts, fasteners, and threads from the product contact area. Quick disconnect hopper clamps, an easily removable hopper gasket, and the flexible BFM infeed fitting and tube, all help provide easy changeover, and high hygiene cleanliness.


Pack Expo Video Tour: Spee-Dee Rotary

Mark Navin of Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc. shows off our brand new high speed Rotary filler. It can fill powders into rigid containers at a rate of 100-400 containers per minute. It features completely tool-free changeover, an easy to clean stainless steel deck, fully synchronized servo motors driving the infeed timing screw, rotary turret, and 3600Twin auger filler, clear lexan guarding of lower rotary base for easy inspection, and patent pending magnetic funnel adaptor support for lightning fast changeover.

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