Auger Filler Configurations

The Servo Digitronic® Auger Filler

Designed to enhance productivity and profitability for packagers of dry fill products, Spee-Dee® Auger Fillers feature a full-color touch screen operator interface with enhanced graphic capabilities for viewing such items as hopper level control. Pop-up menus enable scrolling up and down to adjust all filling parameters, including auger velocity, revolutions per minute, number of revolutions, agitator speed and the acceleration or deceleration rate.

Revolution Series Auger

The newest addition to Spee-Dee’s powerful line-up of equipment, the Revolution Series is the first stock-production Spee-Dee filler. It features a simplified design, resulting in a lower cost, faster delivery filler. The delivery goal for a Revolution Series Auger is just four weeks from when the column height and tooling are specified.

- Servo motor precision auger control
- Direct drive design
- Sliding key for tool-free tooling change
- Full color touch screen operator interface
- Reduced electrical enclosure size by 25%
- Non-proprietary electrical components
- In-line Check Weigh Feedback

Available Options:
- Hopper level control
- Off-line Check Weigh Feedback with scale
- Controls for flapper tooling

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Sanitary AugerSanitaryAuger Filler

The Spee-Dee Sanitary Auger is designed to meet the rigorous hygiene standards of the regulatory agencies that preside over sensitive powder packaging. The Sanitary Auger is ideal for infant formula, whey and other dairy powders, pharmaceutical powders, and other applications with very high hygiene standards. Read More...

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Low Profile Auger FillerBelted 3500

To accommodate production facilities with limited space, our innovative design team created the Low Profile Auger Filler, which stands a full 10 inches shorter than our standard model, yet delivers the same time- and cost-saving benefits. Read More...





Multi-Axis Filler

The Spee-Dee Multi-Axis Auger Filler measures coffee, drink mixes or concentrates, cheese, soup and similar dry food products into rigid containers. Product is delivered from a common hopper with dual infeed flow. Each axis has its own servo motor to allow separate set up and to enable individual adjustment to compensate for head pressure differences. This keeps all lanes dispensing equally. If required for a particular production run, some lanes can be turned off. Read More...



Twin Auger

Our Twin Auger enhances productivity while maintaining accuracy by doubling production for high speed single pouch and rigid container rotary lines.








Net Weigh Series

Our Net Weigh model, the ideal method for accurately filling costly dry product, fills by weight, not volume, using the bulk and dribble method. This unit consistently maintains accuracy rates of +/- .25%, greatly minimizing product giveaway and significantly improving profitability. Our Net Weigh systems can be combined with a bag clamp for filling large 25-50 lb bags, or with a platform scale to fill bag in box or rigid containers. Read More...







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