Auger Filler Features

Vacuum Toolinghopper support 1

Ensure a quality seal every time by adding Spee-Dee vacuum tooling to your powder filling application. It stops free-flowing and semi-free flowing mixes from dripping between fills. The dual funnel system combines a screen and vacuum to instantly stop the flow of product. Best of all, there are no moving parts!

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keyopenSliding Key Tooling

The patented sliding key tooling adapter facilitates easy installation and removal of tooling without tools. The risk of product contamination is eliminated because of the lack of set collars and Allen screws. The tooling height adjustment is located in the auger head, not in the hopper, and is accessible through a panel in the drive head.

Hopper Supporthopper support 1

Spee-Dee® is the only company in our industry to offer a unique hopper support system that enables customers to quickly and easily remove the hopper for changeovers and cleaning. Included as standard equipment on all Spee-Dee Servo Digitronic® Auger Fillers, this innovative support system allows the hopper to move straight down and away from the shaft in a single motion, avoiding interference from, and damage to, the cover.


Dynamic Options for Dynamic Needs


VegaVibLevel Control®

The Spee-Dee level control is a capacitance style probe used to turn on the infeed device to fill the hopper. It senses the absence of product. Its purpose is to keep the hopper head pressure constant, increasing accuracy.




sight-glass-2Infeed Screw

The innovative Spee-Dee Digitronic Variable Speed Infeed Auger with sanitary clamps is an optional upgrade on new equipment or an easy retrofit on existing units. It will maximize efficiency and consistently improve accuracy.

The Infeed Auger is a short feed screw that mounts directly to the Spee-Dee Digitronic Auger. It receives dry product from the bulk supply and conveys it to the dispensing auger hopper. By controlling the speed and delivery rate of the infeed auger, we keep the product and pressure levels in the hopper constant. This constant pressure overcomes the problem of hopper level variations and significantly enhances fill accuracy and repeatability. As an added benefit, both cleaning and changeover to other products are quick and easy because the drive motor uncouples and swings away to allow complete and efficient cleaning.

CLAMP(1)Quick Disconnect Hopper Clamp

This unique feature allows the hopper to be removed quickly for easy cleaning and tooling changes.




Sight Glass In HopperHopper window

This window allows access to the tooling for quick changeover. Now a single person can change the tooling quickly. Previously, with the tooling accessible only through the top of the hopper, two people were necessary for changeovers. The window also allows the operator to visually inspect the product in the hopper from the floor.




S.H. openSplit Hopper

Maintenance, filler cleaning, and toolless tooling changes have never been easier than with Spee-Dee’s innovative Split Hopper design. To ensure worker safety, all Split Hopper units include a safety interlock switch that prevents the machine from operating when the hopper is open. The Split Hopper can be custom designed for any auger filler.

MDP_0175(1)Bag Clamp

Clamp. Fill. Lower. Release. Raise. With the pneumatic bag clamp the operator won’t be required to lift or lower the bags manually. Designed for filling bags in the 25 to 50 pound range, the bag clamp unit incorporates load cells, and uses the bulk/dribble method to fill by weight.



divert bucketsStaging Device

Stages product to allow dispensing into rigid containers without bounce.




MDP_0175(1)Gas Purge

This feature is designed to allow the system to be connected to a nitrogen flushing system.




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