Auger Filler Controls

The Spee-Dee® Digitronic® Auger Filler utilizes PLC controls, rather than proprietary PC controls, to provide customers with a very easy machine to both operate and maintain. Should a problem arise, all components are commercially available worldwide.

Touch Screen Operator Interface

ACmainmenuOur standard 6″ full color touch screen operator interface is remote mounted to facilitate easy access, enabling the operator to control the following while the machine is running:

  • Number of revolutions
  • Auger speed
  • Auger acceleration
  • Agitator speed
  • Agitator mode (ON, OFF, OFF AFTER)
  • Slow jog
  • Empty hopper (Hopper level control screen is standard and includes automatic empty hopper shutdown)
  • Storage of product recipes by name, not by code
  • Product memory for 50 product profiles with 5 year battery back up
  • On-screen diagnostics

The touch screen operator interface also includes many features to optimize efficiency and productivity.

  • User friendly pop-up menus
  • Date and clock on every screen
  • Fill rates in cycles per minute
  • Product memory displays 10 choices at a time. No need to arrow up and down.
  • “Pulse” or “timed” check weigh feedback is standard
  • Trial fill is standard


Allen-Bradley Controls

Many customers request specific control packages for their systems. Often the preferred brand is Allen-Bradley. Spee-Dee® has developed a complete line of augers using Allen-Bradley based PLCs, operator interfaces, amplifiers and other components.

These systems offer all the advantages and features of the standard Spee-Dee auger, but with the specific control package desired by each plant. Available in MicroLogix, SLC Series Compactlogix or ControlLogix platforms. Operator interfaces are selected from the Allen-Bradley PanelView line.

Custom Designed Control Systems

Specific design requests that require other components, various communication requirements and interfaces with other machinery on the line are welcome. The strength of the Spee-Dee design team is the ability to work closely with our customers’ engineers to develop custom designed equipment that meets their needs.

Main Control Panel Displays:

  • Auger operating parameters
  • Number of revolutions
  • Auger speed
  • Acceleration rate
  • Name of the current product
  • Fill time of the last fill
  • Status of the agitator

All other screens are easily accessible by a simple touch of the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Agitator Menu

Controls the mode and the speed of the agitator.

  • Ten different speeds are available.
  • Three modes may be selected, including: Off, On, and Off After.

Off After will allow the agitator to run for a preset time (selectable by the operator). If another fill is not completed within that time period, the agitator will stop and avoid damaging the product with constant agitation.

Diagnostics Screen

Provides quick access and information on the state of the filling process and the I/O’s. Very convenient for set up and installation.

Product Memory Menu

Allows products to be selected and saved using alphanumeric characters, enabling the operator to input the name of the product rather than a set of confusing codes or numbers.

  • Fifty product recipes can be stored in a standard machine.
  • Upgrade to 100 product recipe capacity is available.
  • Any changes made to the current product may also be saved to memory from this screen.


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