Advanced Volumetric Cup Filler


At last! Experience the unprecedented ability to precisely fill product by volume and by weight. Announcing the revolutionary NEW Spee-Dee® Advanced Volumetric System!

advanced-volumetric-systemUntil now, packaging facilities filling products that fluctuate in density, such as cereals, nuts, trail mix, snack mix, coffee beans and granola, have been forced into utilizing costly and space stealing combination scales – and have suffered numerous negative consequences to the bottom line.

Advanced Volumetric Cup Fillers from Spee-Dee

Spee-Dee® has replaced complicated combination scales with a simple, operator friendly system featuring fewer moving parts, a dramatically smaller footprint and high quality controls from Allen-Bradley. Easier and far less expensive to install and maintain, the Advanced Volumetric System (priced at less than half the cost of a combination scale) also slashes product changeover times from several hours to mere minutes even when addressing allergen or other potential product contamination issues. Plus, you may achieve ultimate production flexibility by adding particulates to your base product through the incorporation of an additional filler.

tempsonics-volume-sensorProduct is measured and dispensed by volume using a Spee-Dee Volumetric Filler. Target weight, reduced as a result of improved accuracy, is managed via a checkweigher. Continuous feedback causes the bottom plate position sensor to automatically adjust position to increase or decrease cup size so that no package exceeds or falls below the specific volume range you establish. A unique on-line real time density monitor reduces overpack, resulting in fewer package fill issues. A 5% increase in line uptime is common.


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