Product Testing

Spee-Dee’s extensive test lab allows us the flexibility to duplicate a large number of production environments. The testing area offers design features to accommodate a variety of products, materials and equipment.  The testing process is further enhanced through the integration of a second floor mezzanine.  Particulate products are efficiently raised utilizing a Frazier bucket elevator, while powders are transported via a PIAB vacuum conveyor.  The spaciousness of the site permits ancillary packaging equipment to be utilized, such as Vertical Form Fill Seal machines, conveyors, check weighers and infeed systems, to replicate a fully operational packaging line.  This allows Spee-Dee product testing to be nearly identical to the results customers will see in their plants. For added customer convenience, Spee-Dee maintains a sizeable tooling inventory and stores sample product on-site.

We are able to contain dangerous and/or dusty product through the use of full dust collection equipment and plastic curtains that close off the testing area.  In addition, hot and cold water with a drainage system allow equipment to be washed within the testing area.

Darin Ides, Sales Application Specialist, is responsible for the efficiency and accuracy of the evaluation process.  An experienced industry professional, he is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stout Packaging program.  Ides coordinates every aspect of the testing process, including acquisition of product and containers, testing and results documentation.

Detailed test results are provided to show filling accuracy, speed, and test parameters. Our experienced technicians also include test summaries to explain the challenges certain products pose, and list the steps taken to overcome those challenges.

Test Tooling: Agitator Blades  and Free Flow Collector Funnels
Test Tooling: Augers and Funnels
Product Sample Storage
Rotary Test Loop
Bucket Elevator Conveys Particulate Products
Multiple Testing Stations
Auger Checkout Requiring Dust Collection
Cup Filler Test Setup
Stationary Test Auger
Test Area with Dust Curtains and Drainage System
Mezzanine Allows Bulk Product Loading via Forklift
Heavy Duty Dust Collection System


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