Rotary Filling Machine Innovations Drive Productivity & Profitability

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Spee-Dee’s line of rotary filling machines is the first real improvement to rotary filler technology in years. Our servo drive rotary filler is designed to accurately fill rigid containers quickly and precisely.

How Do Our Rotary Fillers Stand Apart From Other Filling Machines?

Applying servo controls and a new innovative funnel design to rotary fillers dramatically reduces changeover time and increases efficiencies. This is accomplished through:

  • A new innovative funnel design
  • Elimination of lengthy mechanical set-ups associated with mechanical fillers
  • Introduction of closely coupled servo controls on the filling and container handling parts of the system

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All Servo Control/Drive: All electronic control facilitates easy phasing of timing screws, turret stars, and auger filler. Changes can be made quickly and accurately, which eliminates the time and expense associated with mechanical adjustments. Turret/timing screw position are held in the machine’s memory. Servo technology also promotes enhanced performance of the unit’s No Container/No Fill feature because it enables the auger to stop more quickly. Continuous servo check weigh feedback from a check weigher facilitates automatic adjustments to improve fill accuracy rates, further maximizing the efficiency of the filling process.rotary-2

Quick Change Over Parts: In a typical rotary filling machine, you have to be prepared to change funnels when you change the height and diameter of the bottle, jar or container being filled. Our new rotary filler is built with quick change plastic “container adapters”, which are inexpensive but durable parts that you can easily snap on and off to accommodate different container heights, diameters, or shapes. Only one set of funnels is required. Funnels, adapters and other change parts are all no-tool quick disconnect, which dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of product changeover and cleaning operations.

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Rotary Filling Machine Applications & Benefits

Rotary fillers are perfect for powdered products in rigid containers such as infant formula, non dairy creamer, spices, baking soda, drink mixes, etc. They can be used to fill both free-flowing and non-free flowing products into rigid containers at rates of 100 to 400 containers per minute.

With a new innovative funnel design, a switch from lengthy mechanical set-ups to quick change overs and the introduction of all servo control the Spee-Dee rotary filler is perfect for any company looking to save time, money and hassle on their product line.

The Features & Benefits Of Our Rotary Filler

Some of the benefits and features of the new rotary filler are:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Easy access for change over and cleaning
  • Clear panels for visual inspection
  • All servo design (turret, infeed and outfeed stars, timing screws, auger filler)
  • Servo motors with timing belt for main turret and star wheels
  • Quick, no tool change over parts
  • Adjustable can height and diameter
  • Allen Bradley PLC & touch screen Panel View
  • Optional check weigher
  • Optional Powered auger lift and rotate system to allow tooling changes outside machine guards

Rotary Fillers: Otherwise Known As…

Rotary fillers are sometimes referred to as:

  • Rotary auger filler
  • Rotary filling machine
  • Rotary cup filler
  • Rotary bottle filler

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